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The Swan Of Moresby

An ancient ballad, the origins unknown, but

certainly a well known tale and very applicable to

“The grand folk of Moresby Hall”


“Where shall we meet tonight, my love,

Hid from the peeping eye;

Where only the silent moonlight, love,

Watches as we go by?”


“By Moresby Hall is a quiet place

That runs steep down to the shore,

Where folk, they tell me, still may trace

What Romans built before?”


“What need have we of ruins of old

While the moonlit waters shine?

There's a newer tale that must be told

Of the love in this heart of mine.


And there they came that Saint John's Eve

When the midsummer moon like gold

Made it easy for love to believe

The oldest story told.


“Here, my love,” young Peter said,

“Was once an ancient court

Where the Lords of Moresby, long since dead,

Gathered to dance and sport.


They say there's a treasure deep below

That only the one true heir

If his heart is pure as new-fall'n snow

May find as his lawful share;


But first he must hear the phantom wail

And see a fountain spring ….

“Oh hush, my love, this is no tale

For luck in love to bring.”


And oh, look there! What is it gleams

Like silver under the moon?

Out of the rock what water streams

To the night-wind's sleepy tune?


How slowly the living waters make

Without a murmur of sound

The shining wonder of a lake,

As if this were holy ground.”


And what moves there, at the water's brim

In a shape so pale and wan?

Like crystal out of the twilight dim

Floats a pure white swan.


It seemed to be moulded only of light

That to no flesh could belong;

And strangely all the summer night

Is filled with quiet song.


“Dear God” said Peter, “we have seen

A wonder past man's measure.

This must be that fabled sign,

The guardian of the treasure.”


But now at the breath of a spoken word

The vision began to fade,

And soon the only music heard

By the whispering sea was made.




“Love is in the air”


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